Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burlingame ArtzFest Offers Vast Varity of Artisans and Vendors

We were featured in an article for an upcoming show:

Jul 07, 2010 – (Burlingame, Calif., July 2010) --- When Jennifer Northup, owner and designer of Silver Spoon Jewelry, inherited more than 2,000 pieces of antique silver flatware from her great-grandmother, she wondered what to do with this newfound sea of silver. Her creative juices began flowing and eight years ago, Northup and her husband became inspired to recreate the antiques into funky, beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry.

“The concept of spoon jewelry is not brand new,” said Northup. “It has been around since the seventies, but what my husband and I have done is fill a niche
of making these unique pieces more feminine and affordable than they’ve been in the past.”

Although she mainly deals in wholesale with other retailers, Northup receives a large amount of business from museum clients such as the de Young, who is presently showcasing several of her pieces. Attendees can enjoy a rare opportunity to meet the artist face to face at the Burlingame ArtzFest and learn about the unique casting process each piece of jewelry goes through to be transformed from a utensil to a high-end accessory.

To read full article go here.

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