Thursday, March 15, 2012

Learning Days at Silver Spoon

Big things are happening here at Silver Spoon. We've got a new employee on staff in the shipping department (everyone say hi to Amber!)  and sweet Rachel has gone on maternity leave. (We'll soon be saying "hi" to baby Tosh and "welcome back" to Rachel!)

Amber has been hard at work to learn everything she can from Rachel and is now heading up the shipping department for Silver Spoon. Because of the changing around of staff, we've all been teaching parts of our jobs to the other employees so that we can all help out and even take over if someone is out of the office one day.

So, today was photoshop day. Mikki (our graphic designer) gave us a quick lesson with basic functions of photoshop. We had a practical lesson on how update the lovely gift certificates that we sell. (You can purchase a gift certificate using our secure website here.) Then, we had a quick lesson on how you can manipulate photos. Less practical, yes. But fun, just the same.

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On a more serious note, Silver Spoon is now offering unique gift certificates for an assortment of special occasions.

Mother's Day is on it's way! Show the special lady in your life how much you love and appreciate her. Come on by to order a special gift certificate for her today!

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