Friday, February 1, 2013

So Long, Farewell

Today is one of THOSE days here at Silver Spoon. We're saying farewell to our very dear friend, Amber. If you've ever called us with an order or a shipping/ business question you were probably helped by Amber herself, the sweetest gal on the block. She is now off on the adventure of a lifetime to work on an organic farm in Hawaii! (Amber, you'll be sending us some delicious coffee... right?!)

It's not ALL bad though. We're over the moon excited to now have Samantha joining our little family! She and Amber have been friends since childhood... so we're pretty sure we like her already;) She's been working hard to learn everything that Amber could teach her the past few weeks and now she's ready to fly solo!

So, it's a time for changes. We're excited to see where these new paths take us all.

Here's to transition.
Here's to adventure.
Here's to Amber and Sam.

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